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What people are saying about the Our Spiritual Heritage Tool Box

"I am more enthusiastic about this material than any I have used before.  I demonstrate Our Spiritual Heritage every chance I get, and the reactions are always positive.  If you want your children to be challenged in their study of God's Word, learn about His plan and how that plan has unfolded through the centuries, then I encourage you to use Our Spiritual Heritage.  It has been a welcome addition to our teaching program at Hueytown and a valuable investment in our children's spiritual future."

-- Melanie Jonas of Hueytown, Alamaba

"Our Spiritual Heritage is a fantastic approach for teaching the Bible.  First the student will quickly and easily learn the big picture of God's plan for man, and then he will learn when and how every Bible hero fits into that big picture.  Finally we can sort out all those kings and prophets!  Most importantly we learn to recognize God's might hand throughout all time.  ...Our Spiritual Heritage helps one mine all the physical gold of the New Testament."

-- Sherry Hennecke of Elburn, Illinois

"When Nancy showed Elizabeth and me Our Spiritual Heritage, I said, 'This looks like you have adapted my course in The Scheme of Redemption for children.'  I think this is a great course of study and I urge every Christian parent and every church to make use of it." 

-- Ferrell Jenkins, Former Chairman, Biblical Studies, Florida College

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