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Our Spiritual Heritage

God Had a Plan

Through the Bible With Songs


This book contains 66 songs -- wonderful songs that begin in Genesis and go all the way through the New Testament.  The flash drive also contains illustrations and Melanie Jonas singing the songs to help teachers and parents learn them.

"These songs are delightful, catchy, and memorable.  What I love most about this book is that it contains songs about kings and major and minor prophets, from the uncharted and invaluable one-third of the Bible that we do not usually make available to children." -- Nancy Tumlinson

Titles include the following:

"God Can't Be Around Sin" (Gen. 3)

"Three Promises to Abraham" (Gen. 12)

"Colors of Joseph's Character" (Gen. 37)

"Murmur, Mumble, Mope, and Mourn" (Ex. 16)

"Samson and the Riddle" (Judges 14)

"He Did It, She Did It" (1 Sam. 13)

"Solomon's Prayer" (1 Kings 3)

"Uz Was" (Job)
"Prepare, Oh Israel!" (Amos)

"Woe To Cruel Nineveh" (Nahum)

"Habakkuk Cries Out" (Habakkuk)

"Oh, How Tiresome!" (Malachi)

"Me First?" (John 13)

"Do Lots and Lots With Love" (Acts 9)

"Don't Jump! To Conclusions"

Songbook is $15.00

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