Our Spiritual Heritage

Story Illustrations


Brian Harber, an artist from Tennessee, has drawn illustrations for the stories in the Our Spiritual Heritage Bible Class Curriculum.  These cards are in color and laminated.  They will help younger students (non-readers and early readers) and can be substituted for the cards that come in your Chronology Box to make chronology drills easier for the little ones.

You can order a CD of 246 pictures (all you need for our 4 year curriculum) for $75.00.  Then you can print out and laminate as many pictures as you need whenever you need them.

Or, we can make the cards for you.  Brian's Story Illustrations come in sets of 24-32 pictures each.  Choose the themes to match the curriculum you are ordering.  Your choices are as follows:

God is Wise

Light and Water

Life and Bread


Family and Travelers

Eyes and Choices

Falls and Changes

Good and Evil

8 Sets

2 Sizes!

Regular 3x5
$15.00 per set
Large 5x7
$20.00 per set
CD of all pictures