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Our Spiritual Heritage

Song Illustrations

These illustrations help children (and adults) see the meaning of familiar adult hymns.  They are perfect for making flipcharts and slide shows for use in children's Bible classes.  These illustrations are included in the Our Spiritual Heritage curriculum, but may be ordered separately by those who are not using the curriculum.

Scott sample.jpg

All 14 songs are beautifully illustrated by Scott Smelser.  Included in the songbook are the following songs:

Break Thou the Bread of Life

Faith is the Victory

Give Me Thy Heart

God Give Us Christian Homes

Have Thine Own Way

Heavenly Sunlight

I Stand Amazed

In The Desert of Sorrow and Sin

Lord, Send Me

Open My Eyes That I May See

Blessed Are They

More Like Jesus

Each Songbook is $20.00
Comes on Flashdrive

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