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Lori Biesecker, a homeschool mom, to other homeschoolers:

"Littler family members can learn right along with the rest of the family but instead of having a book with written work they can use the inexpensive Psalm Coloring and Tracing Workbook.  Don't discount this program for older children and the adults in the family either -- these lessons are very faith-building for everyone who studies them and have been successfully taught to adults in a class setting.

"Each week's study is organized into different activities.  Probably my kids' favorite is Monday's work: collecting beautiful magazine pictures of different animals and discussing how perfectly God planned that amazing creation.  The program suggests an animal or part of animals (animals' feet, eyes, etc.) to learn about each week.  Most are tied in some way to the lesson -- but emphasizes that families should feel free to use different animals as their needs/interests dictate.  This is designed to be very low-stress!  On Tuesdays, families read the actual Bible lesson and work with their When Wall (or kitchen table or floor).  This activity helps the whole family get a good handle on Bible chronology and see how every event/story in the Bible fits into God's great plan.  Wednesdays, we work on Who and Where, reviewing Bible people we've studied, locating places mentioned in that week's lesson, finish any unfinished worksheets, and sing.  Each day we practice a weekly memory verse and pray together, with an emphasis on learning to praise God.  No day's activities take more than 30 minutes, unless you get too caught up in searching for animal pictures like we do sometimes.

"Our Spiritual Heritage has been my children's favorite Bible study plan, hands down.  Now it is even better.  My 8 year old is so excited about the animal study.  I must say, at first that part put me off a bit.  How is learning about animals germane to Bible study?  Boy, have I changed my mind!  I am so much more able to praise God for His amazing wisdom and creativity since I learned all about the structure of mosquitoes' mouths and the beneficial things they do for the earth and its inhabitants, something I never dreamed before! (All this information is in the parent manual).

"Yes, this is a blatant advertisement, but it is so good I just had to tell you all about it!"

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