Our Spiritual Heritage Home Bible Study Plan

This study comes in an affordable workbook form.  It is a 26 week (5 days a week) thematic study.  There are two themes available:  "God is Wise: He Makes Great Plans" and "Light and Water: God is good at light and water."  Daily activities will take 15-30 minutes a day but can take much more time if you get too excited to stop.

The study includes activities for seeing God's wisdom in the created world, and praising God's wisdom using the Psalms, family prayer, and song.  It provides Bible stories for the family to read together.  These are stories of wise people who followed God's plan and succeeded (Noah, Abraham, Joshua, Naaman, Ezra, the Eunich, etc.) and foolish people who rejected, ignored, or changed God's plan and failed (Achan, Uzzah, King Jeroboam, King Jehoikim, etc.).

This Bible study also includes chronology cards that will help you tell the story of the whole Bible to your children, and story cards to help you review all the stories you study together and introduce the new lesson each week.  Additionally, the study includes a people review activity and a geography activity each week.  Finally, it has application activities for learning the lesson of the story and memory verse suggestions.

To use this study you will need one Workbook for each child in your family between Kindergarten and 3rd grade or between 4th and 6th grade ($13.00) and one Parent Notebook to go with it ($20.00).  The Parent Notebooks are essential because this material is not designed for a child to do in a corner alone.  It is for parents and children to do together and many of the activities are oral and not included in the Student Workbook.  If you have any little ones, ages 2 - 6 years old, you will want to order a Psalm Coloring and Tracing Workbook ($2.00) for each of them.  Big kids (Junior High or High School) can pair up with little brothers and sisters to help them with their work.

There is one last component of this study that you will need to order.  It is the Chronology Box ($30.00).  This will give you the materials for the fun and profitable activity you will do together every week - drilling and learning Bible chronology.  The box includes much more chronology information than you will use with these workbooks this year but you can use the box in years to come for additional chronological Bible study with your whole family, or to teach yourself, new converts, unbelievers, or children in Bible classes the story of the Bible in chronological order.