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Our Spiritual Heritage

Home Bible Study

Are you looking for family Bible study materials for home use?  Are you looking for a homeschool Bible curriculum?  If you worship with a congregation that does not yet use the OSH material, there is good news.  You can still teach your children using the Our Spiritual Heritage materials.  We have reformatted the first two themes of the Bible class curriculum from its Sunday/Wednesday form to a Monday-Friday form for home use!

A 26 week home Bible study plan with two themes to choose from!
God is Wise_Page_1 (2).png
Light and Water.png
God is Wise, He Makes Great Plans!
Light and Water:  God is Good at Light, God is Good at Water!
Needed for this study:

* A dad and/or mom who wants to talk to children about God.

* Children you want to head toward heaven.

* Bibles.

*Parent Notebook.

*Student Workbook for each child of appropriate age.

*Psalm Coloring and Tracing Workbook for the youngest family members through 1st grade.

* Our Spiritual Heritage Bible Tool Box Parts 1 and 2.

* Brian Harber's Story Illustrations for the theme you have chosen.


Parent Notebook (K-3 or 4-6) $20.00

Student Workbook (K-3 or 4-6) $13.00

Psalm Coloring and Tracing Workbook $2.00

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