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Our Spiritual Heritage

Chronology Box

Announcing a major update to the Chronology Box!

Thanks to the marvelous efforts of Darlene Walker the Chronology Box has been beautifully and thoroughly revised.  It is now called the Tool Box and available on flashdrive.  

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Before the World Began,

God Made a Great Plan.

Tell your children the wonderful stories of the Bible!  Practice putting them together in chronological order to increase the joy and encouragement you get from Bible study.

The Tool Box is a self-contained chronological study of the Bible.  It is a unique and versatile Bible study designed to be used on a table top, wall or floor.  It is useful to adults as well as children.  It is the basis (therefore essential) for the OSH Bible Class Curriculum and the OSH Home Bible Study.

There are four parts to the Tool Box:

Part 1 - Instructions

A.  Detailed Instructions for using Parts 2-4

B.  Helpful Historical Hints (Memory devices to enrich your understanding and comfort in each historical period, clearing up confusion for good)

Part 2 - Visuals

A.  Heading Cards that divide the Bible into 9 historical time periods:  Before the World Began God Made a Great Plan, First Fathers, Moses, Joshua and Judges, Kings, Homesick Heroes, Home Again Heroes, Christ: God's Great Plan, and I Build on God's Plan!

B.  Bible Heroes Cards that list famous people from each of these time periods.  Practice putting them in their proper place in history

C.  Books of the Old Testament Cards to help you learn where (in the Bible) you can read about people and events from each of these time periods

Part 3 - Story Illustrations and Answer Keys   

A.  Sixteen sets of faith-building Theme Cards (all laminated), to help you gain a better perspective on the spiritual nature of the promises of Jesus while learning where specific people and events fit in the big picture of God's plan - the themes are as follows:  God is Wise, Light, Water, Life, Bread, Victory, Family, Travelers, Eyes, Choices, Falls, Changes, Good, Evil, Praise, and Prophets

B.  Color-coded Answer Keys 

C.  Bible references for each story

Part 4 - Who People and Drill Cards

A.  About 400 portraits of famous Bible people

B.  Drill cards to match with famous people for fun learning

Tool Box Pricing

Part 1 - Instructions  $25

Part 2 - Visuals  $25

Part 3 - Story Illustrations and Answer Keys  $50

About 250 pictures covering all 8 OSH themes

Part 4 - Who People and Drill Cards  $50

Almost 400 people included in the OSH 4 year curriculum

A Discount for individual families!
$150   $75

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