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Our Spiritual Heritage

Bible Class Curriculum

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God is Wise, Quarters 1 & 2

Light and Water, Quarters 3 & 4

Life and Bread, Quarters 5 & 6

Victory, Quarters 7 & 8

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Family and Travelers, Quarters 9 & 10

Eyes and Choices, Quarters 11 & 12

Falls and Changes, Quarters 13 & 14

Good and Evil, Quarters 15 & 16

This material is designed to teach children that...

1.  The world around us shows God's wisdom and power.

2.  God is great at light and water and life and bread.

3.  The Bible demonstrates that  God is the Hero of History:  God is great and God is good.       He wins the battles.

4.  God makes families (physical and spiritual) and cares for them.  He helps travelers who         travel toward Him.

5.  God makes eyes.  We can see Him in creation and in His Word.

6.  God chose to make us great.  We can choose to cooperate with Him.

7.  All people and nations fall, but I can change because of Jesus Christ.

8.  God loves good and hates evil.  I should too.

For teacher's use in class

  • Weekly lesson plans

  • Outline of the course

  • Theme songs

  • Theme Psalm (used to praise God)

  • A chronology drill for every lesson

  • Pretime faith-building activities

  • Maps

  • Memory verse suggestions

  • Application and drill activities

  • Additional song suggestions

For parent and child's use at home

  • Xeroxable Student Lesson Book

  • Story to read together

  • Scripture texts to learn from

  • Activities for parent/child interaction and discussion

  • Suggestions for family prayers based on the lesson

Curriculum Essentials:

Kindergarten - 3rd Grade                $100 per theme*

        4th - 6th Grade                         $100 per theme*

If ordering both levels of material $150 per theme*

* Each theme is designed to last for 6 months if it is taught both Sunday morning and Wednesday night.  It will take 4 years to teach all of the 8 themes listed above.

Tool Box


Parts 1, 2, 3 and 4 

Optional   but invaluable:

Curriculum Instructional Video

God Had A Plan - Through the Bible with Songs by Glenda Schales 


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